New cohorts every month

Six half-hour calls with a new #rubyfriend

A space to ask questions about starting a career as a Ruby/Rails software engineer

Wait what?

A space for you to ask questions

Volunteer, experienced, developers from the Ruby community will answer your questions and welcome you into our community.

Whether you’re looking for programming advice, interview practice, or just trying to work your way into your new career.

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There’s a brief, but thorough questionnaire to complete and then we’ll get back to you with a match at the start of next month.

Frequently asked questions

Do I qualify for this?

Probably. Primarily this is for folks working toward, looking for, or even in their first Ruby/Rails job. We welcome folks who are self-taught, bootcampers, and college graduates.

What should we talk about?

You should ask whatever you want. Bear in mind your mentor may not know the answer (we’re just people too) or have their own take.

Is there a syllabus or structure to follow?

No. This isn’t training. The mentor is contributing their time, and in exchange you’re contributing the effort necessary to decide and communicate what you want to get out of being mentored. A list of questions is fine!

How honest should I be?

There’s no point in doing this if you aren’t going to be honest.

Should I let my manager at work know about this?

You can, no need for it to be a secret. You may have a mentor or buddy, as well as a line manager in your workplace. Think of this as another useful viewpoint.

When will I hear about my match?

I’ll be shipping cohorts of matches at the beginning of each month for the folks who submitted applications the month before. It'll be first-come, first-served, but I’ll prioritise those from under-represented groups.

How long does this programme last?

We’re expecting half-hour long monthly calls, for six months. If you (in agreement with your mentor) want to go for longer or shorter, or meet more often, go for it. But the base expectation is six half-hour calls over six months.

How should we meet?

Primarily I’d expect folks to meet using Zoom, Google Meet, Tuple or FaceTime. There might be cases where in person meetings might be possible, but distinctly not required.

What are the criteria for matching folks up?

We’ll take a couple of factors into account including your preferences. Primarily we’ll want to understand what you are looking for plus we’ll try to keep you together geographically.

What if my mentor doesn’t respond or disappears?

We’ll be sending out reminders to both parties so hopefully this won't happen. If it does, never fear, you can get in touch with me and we’ll sort it out.

What if it doesn’t work out?

Sometimes you just don’t gel with someone new. That’s OK and either party can stop the process at any time.

Can I speak to multiple mentors?

In theory, yes, but that's on you. You’re only gonna get one here!

Whose idea is this?

Right now this is the operation of one volunteer managing the administration and spreadsheets and (hopefully) many other mentors across the Ruby community.

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